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Maureen S. Mierke

Strategy x Creative

Hey there! I’m a strategic marketer based in Columbus, OH. Welcome to my site! 

My Experience

I like to consider myself a jack of all trades, loving to dabble in everything. From writing and editing to designing and event coordinating, I find comfort in the world of communications. Whether helping companies engage with their customers, designing posters for local restaurants or even making magic for Disney guests, I look forward to any opportunity to help others connect. 

Questline Digital

Woodland's Backyard

Stitch Fix

Walt Disney World

Marketing Manager

Freelance Designer


Cast Member

Feb 2018 — Present 

May 2021 — Present 

July 2019 — Nov 2019

May 2017 —  Jan 2018

Want to get in touch?

I would love to chat about your current employment opportunities or project needs. 




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