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I'm Maureen

But you can call me Mo. I’m a marketer based in Columbus, OH. I’m originally from Cleveland and attended Ohio University in beautiful Athens, OH. 


I believe proactive communication is key and that collaboration is non-negotiable for any organization. I love working with others and figuring out the right form of storytelling for any project, whether through copywriting or design. 

I'm the type of person who chooses my dessert before my meal and I'll best you at a game of ping pong anytime. When I'm not working you can catch me at the movie theater, having a drink at a brewery (or winery!), admiring my cat, Marvel, or dreaming about my next travel destination.

Nice to meet you!


My Career So Far

I graduated from Ohio University studying Strategic Communication and Journalism. I began my career at Walt Disney World in 2017, then joined the team at Questline Digital in 2018. While working full-time for Questline, I went back to school to receive my Digital Design and Graphics Certificate from Columbus State Community College. Now you're all caught up! 


E.W. Scripps School of
Journalism, Ohio University

Digital Design and Graphics, Columbus State Community College 


Questline Digital

Walt Disney World

Stitch Fix



Graphic Design

Web Design

Social Media

Event Coordination



Select Features

Take a look at some of my proudest features to date. 


Written exclusively for Energy Central to explain the impact of SMS marketing on the utility industry. 


I plan and execute monthly webinars for Questline. Tune in!


(Nov 2022)



Written exclusively for Energy Central to help energy utilities develop a communications strategy that meets the needs of its customers. 


Accepted for Energy Central's special issue of the Utility Customer Care newsletter. 


Advice and recommendations, along with real-world examples, to help utilities improve its email list and connect with the right customers. 


Best practices and examples to help utilities develop an outage communications strategy. 


Thoughts from Hanna Balla, Director of Customer Experience & Insights for NiSource, on changes in the utility industry, marketing campaigns and the evolution of energy.

(Case Study)

Example of customer engagement solution provided for an energy utility client,

(Nov 2019)

(Dec 2019)

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Social Media Spotlight

When I'm not socializing in person, you can find me on Insta.

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I would love to chat about your current employment opportunities or project needs. 




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