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The Current

Questline's blog, The Current, is curated exclusively for energy utility communicators. Blog posts range in topics from thought leadership, webinar recaps, news updates and more. A newsletter compiled of blog posts is deployed each month and achieves a consistent open rate of around 28%. 

Published Blog Posts

9/11/21 - Interview with an energy utility industry professional.

9/7/21 - Overview of outage communication best practices and examples for energy utilities. 

9/2/21 - Interview with an energy utility industry professional.

8/19/21 - Webinar highlights on the benefits of interactive content and examples of successful content pieces.

6/9/21 - Examples of common email marketing mistakes and how energy utilities can avoid them. 

5/25/21 - Recap of customer segmentation webinar led by guest speakers from BlastPoint and Questline. 

5/18/21 - Tips for energy utilities interested in creating email newsletters and mistakes to avoid. 

5/4/21 - Overview of trends in data security and compliance for energy utilities. 

4/27/21 - Summary of key takeaways from Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative's (SECC) 2021 State of the Consumer Report. 

4/13/21 - Interview and reviews from smart thermostat owners and their buying process. 

3/11/21 - A look ahead at email marketing trends energy utilities should focus on in the new year. 

2/23/21 - Recap on Questline's webinar on promoting smart home adoption and energy marketplaces to customers. 

2/2/21 - Differences between marketing and advertising and tips for which is more important for utilities to focus on. 

1/26/21 - Recap on Questline's webinar of how to promote paperless billing and its benefits to customers. 

1/21/21 - Tips for communicating and educating customers on the benefits of energy efficiency. 

12/8/20 - Recap of Questline's webinar on how small businesses have been impacted by COVID-19 and how energy utilities can help. 

12/3/20 - How and why energy utilities should use performance metrics to measure the success of their content. 

12/1/20 - Explanation of solar chimneys and the benefits for businesses. 

11/19/20 - Listicle article of popular holiday gifts and how energy utilities can use these gift ideas to connect with customers. 

11/10/20 - Tips for creating a human-centered brand to connect with customers. 

10/29/20 - Overview of various email, content and social media metrics energy utilities should be aware of and tracking. 

10/22/20 - Recap on important information from Questline's customer segmentation webinar. 

10/1/20 - Explanation of what virtual power plants are and how energy utilities can use them to their advantage. 

9/24/20 - Recap of pertinent information from the renewables webinar. 

9/15/20 - Explanation about the shift in energy usage as more people work from home during the pandemic; tips for how energy utilities can communicate energy efficiency savings to customers. 

8/18/20 - Case study on Questline's work with the Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative (SECC) creating engaging animated videos and white papers about the evolving world of energy. 

8/4/20 - Tips for how energy utilities should communicate differently with customers who are homeowners vs renters. 

7/30/20 - News update about solar panel initiatives in Illinois. 

7/9/20 - Recap of news article explaining how offices are incorporating social distancing lights amidst COVID-19.

6/25/20 - Overview of solutions and services energy utilities should include in their communications strategy to connect with customers during the summer months. Copy and infographic created by me. 

6/18/20 - Thought leadership piece on what e-bikes are and why utilities should be aware of this trend. 

6/9/20 - Description and best practices for incorporating a welcome email series into a utility's marketing strategy. Copy and infographic created by me. 

6/1/20 - Recap of news article referencing Questline's home location and its achievement in converting customers to purchase electric vehicles. 

4/30/20 - Entertainment piece about celebrities that had a connection to the utility industry. Copy and infographic created by me. 

4/17/20 - Recap of Questline's coronavirus crisis communications webinar. 

4/16/20 - Interview with Questline's Senior Director of Software about his Tesla purchasing process. 

3/18/20 - Tips for how energy utilities should communicate COVID-19 continuity plans and preparedness to customers.

3/12/20 - Recap of how the energy utility industry was responding to COVID-19.

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